He is from Newfoundland and Labrador
He is from Newfoundland and Labrador

I like curling. Curling is a sport on the ice. The ice is pebbled so it curls.  I went to the curling districts. A team is made up of five players and a coach. A fifth is an extra player that subs in if someone is sick, or if they aren’t playing good. A lead is the first player on the team. The lead throws the first two stone’s in the end. The lead has to be good at sweeping. The second throws the third and fourth stones. the third is the co-captain of the team. He throws fifth and sixth stones in the end. The skip is the captain of the team. He throws the last two stones in the end. My favorite professional curler is Brad Gushue. He got 2nd at the brier. I met Brad Gushue in Yorkton  at the grand slam. Brad fell on the ice and cut his eye

this was Brad Gushues eye
this was Brad Gushues eye

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  1. blondboye4 says:

    I like curling. I haven’t played it lots and I’m not very good. My little brother Owen started to play it this year. Owen wants me to play as well. would I be in your league?


    1. you sometimes just go get a team and play in a weekend bonspiel. You can get a team and go in a league all year. There is also a school team


  2. Nathan Bromm says:

    Carson, I have not curled for a while, but it is one of my favourite things to do. Good start explaining the basics of the curling team and I bet it was exciting to meet Gushue. I bet you could expand on this post and teach us more about curling. Believe it or not, outside of Saskatchewan many people do not know much about the game.


    1. Ok I will try to expand my post. I didn’t know that people outside of Saskatchewan didn’t know much about curling.

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